Insurance for Sober Living Homeowners

Most standard homeowner or landlord policies prohibit sober living operations! Do not be misled by assuming your sober living homeowner insurance policy is the same as a standard homeowner policy. It isn’t! You are rolling the dice by having a policy that excludes this type of activity. A claim that is denied based on the carrier underwriting exclusion for sober living puts your assets and income at risk.

Until recently, Sober living owners had few insurance options available to them. Not any longer! Comprehensive coverage is now available at extremely affordable rates. Join others with transitional living homes by obtaining a policy that protects the unique needs of a sober living business.

Coverage options for sober living facilities, transitional homes and halfway houses now include General Liability, Property coverage for both building and personal property, Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation, owned and non owned auto liability and workers compensation.

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